Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues

It has been fourteen years since doctors who were interested in the rehabilitation of brain diseases across the nation established the Korea Brain Disease Rehabilitation Research Group in 2000, which was later renamed as the Korean Society for Neurorehabilitation (KSNR).

Though its history is still short, KSNR has produced some remarkable achievements such as the development of clinical practice guidelines for stroke rehabilitation in Korea and the standardization of K-NIHSS and K-MBI thanks to the active support from its members.

Today, brain disease rehabilitation is witnessing a rapid advancement. To better support such a rapid development in this field, more frequent exchanges between local and foreign professionals are needed. For this purpose, KSNR is striving to promote international cooperation with global and regional organizations such as the WFNR. Through such cooperation, the members of the KSNR will have more opportunities to share their innovative ideas and learn from best practices in the field.

I deeply appreciate all the support and affection that the members of the KSNR have extended for the last fourteen years and, again, I do ask our members to provide their continued support for the progressive future of our society.

Dear respected members of the Korean Society for NeuroRehabilitation.

Dear respected members of the Korean Society and visitors to our homepage,

Just as we have returned to our hometown after a major disaster, three years after COVID-19 swept the world at the end of 2019, we were finally able to return to our daily lives. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who have shown unwavering affection and interest in our society, even in difficult situations where daily life has disappeared.

Our society was established in 2007 with experts who are interested in the rehabilitation of degenerative brain diseases and traumatic brain injuries. Our society regularly holds spring and fall conferences, academic meetings, training lectures, and workshops for the academic and clinical development of neurorehabilitation. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, academic meetings continued in an online form.

Korea is facing social changes such as an aged society beyond an aging society and a population cliff. There is a demand for expert opinions and alternatives for the management of neurodegenerative diseases or brain injuries, and the quality of life of the elderly. In line with the needs of a rapidly changing society, our society will faithfully fulfill its role and responsibility as an expert through research in the field of neurorehabilitation so that the results can be returned to all members and the public.

The website of our society will allow neurorehabilitation experts to share the latest opinions and research results and provide accurate information on neurorehabilitation to patients and their families suffering from brain diseases or injuries so that patients can live as citizens with their own rights in the community.

As we try to leap forward with COVID-19 behind us, we ask for your participation, encouragement, and support.

Thank you.